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Lost BT Youview channels on second TV

  Cb1234 21:31 12 Aug 2018


I previously had a lot of help getting BT channels available on two TVs in my house via one BT youview box, (the second TV watching same as the first, being controlled by a magic eye).

All was going swimmingly until I recently had workmen in my house and although they should have been nowhere near the TV something seems to have been disrupted. Now I have lost the ability to get BT channels on my second (upstairs) TV

Current set up is as follows:

Downstairs TV: Aerial cable from the wall into the Tri-Link box RF IN Aerial cable from the Tri-Link box RF2 OUT into the wall Patch lead from Tri-Link RF1 OUT into the BT box Aerial IN HDMI lead from BT box into TV Scart lead from BT box into TV

With this set up I can watch BT channels downstairs but upstairs I can only watch freeview. I used to be able to watch BT channels upstairs, pause rewind etc controlled via the magic eye

Is anyone able to spot what’s gone wrong please?

Thanks in advance!

  Guest 1234512757 10:25 27 Aug 2018

i got same problem with my Sony Plasma Tv

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