Lost BBC channels after reinstalling! Help appreciated.

  gazmix 14:23 11 Dec 2011


I hope someone can help me!

I have all the Freeview channels using my set top box.

I had to unplug my tv & set top box to fit a carpet.

Now, i do a fresh 1st time install & i get all the channels except everything BBC. No TV or Radio for BBC.

My guide starts at 3 (itv). I've tried to 1st time install several times & it updates but i can never get my channels back. I am in a city center & i recall this happening when i moved in, but can't remember what remedied it.

Help appreciated


  morddwyd 20:13 11 Dec 2011

I've had this after changeover.

The solution for me was to keep trying a retune, at various times of the day.

Also make sure the device you are tuning is connected direct to the aerial, not as part of a daisy chain.

  gazmix 20:48 11 Dec 2011

I've done about 10 '1st time tune' 's & nothing, maybe the weather i dunno??

  gazmix 21:44 11 Dec 2011

I heard of this, will try tomorrow! However i had the channels yesterday, its just since i unplugged from the mains..

  gazmix 10:22 12 Dec 2011

I've called digital uk & they say to try an install with no aerial plugged in to wipe the channel list & then do it again with the aerial in. If nothing happens, then try a manual setup.

I'm wondering if it could be a transmitter problem as i think there are more than 1 in my area!

  gazmix 16:04 12 Dec 2011

I tried what DigitalUk have said by unplugging the antenna from the wall & trying a 1st time installation, wiping the guide & then plugging the antenna back in & again,& a 1st time installation after. I still get no BBC channels.

Digital UK gave me the numbers to install when doing a manual search (27 for the BBC channels) & yet my STB couldn't find any BBC channels this way either.

The STB's make is Accoustic Solutions DV600B like this one:-


I will check back online tomorrow.


  gazmix 15:34 13 Dec 2011

Erm, when i moved into the flat, i was told that there were 2 sockets in the wall, 1 for tv/freeview/satellite etc & another for radio. 1 says UHF & the other says SAT. The guy who told me this was wrong & i assumed SAT was for all the TV channels & that UHF was for the radio. Since i moved into the flat, i haven't unplugged the TV & didn't take notice what sockets the TV/Freeview were pluged into so i assumed the appropriate one was SAT. How wrong could i have been! I believed this to be the correct socket because if it was the radio socket, then why would i get all my TV channels except BBC? I'm thinking SAT isn't radio like i was told & that UHF is the correct socket as i now have all channels touch wood.. :-)

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