lost all BBC channels after tuning a new tv

  ashkaye 22:28 29 Dec 2011


I have just brought a 24" Logik L24LDIB11 and after tuning the channels I don't seem to have any BBC channels at all, I've retuned it several times to no effect, this Tv is for the bedroom and I have another Tv downstairs that is fine and has all the BBC channels. I'm completely stuck for what to do.

Can anyone help me please?

  ICF 08:04 30 Dec 2011

Look here Put your postcode/house number in and tick your an installer then it will show the Mux channels to tune to.

  ICF 08:15 30 Dec 2011

Your transmitter will be shown and the numbers are in the grey blocks there should be six.Then go into manual tune in your menu then enter the numbers.

  dms_05 09:41 02 Jan 2012

Are you using two separate antenna or does the downstairs input then go on to feed the upstairs? You could try adding an aerial amplifier which only costs a few pounds, the new TV may not be quite as sensitive as the downstairs TV and may need a slight signal boost. Having said that the BBC MuX carrying BBC1 etc should usually be the strongest you receive. Finally do you live in an area where you can receive from more than one transmitter? If so then manually tune to the one you prefer (as above!).

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