Losing ITV on Freeview

  wids001 11:02 07 Jul 2010

I have an Acer touchscreen computer which has Freeview built in, for which I use a dedicated ariel which is ointed towards London.

For the past few months it has worked fine. However, recently I have been unable to get ITV1, CH4 or 5 because of a "weak signal". ITV2, 3 & 4 and all other channels still worked fine.

On Monday evening I decided to retune this and was surprised when ITV1 - Tyne Tees came up as a found channel. I live in the London/Anglia region. Anyway, following the retune I was able to watch all channels that evening no problem.

Last night, Tuesday, I switched on and ITV1 was again blank because of a weak signal - All other channels were fine. Another retune and once again only ITV1 Tyne Tees came up on the found channel list, but once completed I was again able to watch this channel with no problems. No doubt tonight I will be experiencing problems again.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know why the found list is showing Tyne Tees when I live in Southern England. I also noticed that lst night's returne brought up BBC1 North East & BBC2 North West! However the local news at 10pm on BBC1 was from London! Could it be to do with the hot weather?

Thanks in advance

  jack 17:43 07 Jul 2010

certasin station I could get have gone SWOL and other the the EPG listed but would not 'play' have dissappeared completely

this is a good place for an depth seek.
click here

  wids001 06:53 08 Jul 2010

Sory but I am not too technically minded and have no idea what multiplexes are!

Again, last night, no ITV1 ... weak signal. All other channels were working fine. Retuned and bingo, ITV1 was back!

Why just ITV1 - this is what I cannot understand.

  dms_05 09:31 08 Jul 2010

You need to retune your tuner. As Jack says some shuffling of Multiplex's has occurred as well as some undeclared engineering work at Crystal Palace transmitter which is effecting reception. So do a complete retune and you should find the correct stations in the correct locations on the EPG.

  jack 10:53 08 Jul 2010

click here

I have also bookmarked- sorts the wheat from the chaff in all this techno babble

  T0SH 14:45 21 Jul 2010

There is an explanation of the multiplexing and demultiplexing process used in transmitting the multi channel digital freeview signal here

click here

Cheers HC

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