Looking for a new or used smartphone. Reliable.

  Snype 01:08 01 Mar 2018

My current Android is dead and I would like to start researching into a new phone. To help speed up this process I'm hoping to get some feedback from people in the know.

I do not need to latest phone with all the latest tech and such. Just a good solid performer that will do its job without causing headaches. I've had good experience with my Samsung Android and would be interest in going in that direction, although that not necessarily concrete.

What I do want is the ability to decided what system applications can access in my phone. I do not like the idea of applications gaining access to a mass amount of my personal data. I would like a secure phone where I can limit and control this. So I can decided how my data is used.

I'm also handy with a tool and have fixed smart phones in the past. Also considering getting a wrecked phone and having a ticker. However I probably will not get the time for this.

Any knowledgeable help would be appreciated. :D

  Forum Editor 07:27 01 Mar 2018

I have used Samsung phones for a while now. They do what a smartphone should, and are incredibly reliable. it's not difficult to maintain your privacy, or at least as much of it as is possible nowadays. My current phone is a galaxy S7 - perfect for my requirements.

  leoaubrie 12:53 01 Mar 2018

LG G3 its similar to Samsung and has a rather extensive customization, very solid had it for 3 years and had no problems. The camera is perfect if you have interest in that, although there are apps out there to list what kind of permission each app uses...

  Menzie 16:58 01 Mar 2018

With no mention of budget I'll just say:

Budget - Motorola E

Mid-Budget - Motorola G

Mid-range/ Hi-End - Essential

  Snype 17:11 01 Mar 2018

I really want to be able to control permissions and what information is taken form my phone. Budget is not so important. If the phone is worth it, then it is worth it...

  Forum Editor 17:50 01 Mar 2018

Both Windows and Android phones have a fairly extensive range of privacy settings, as do most good apps. It's up to you to configure these to suit your preferences.

  Thomas Dudek 07:31 24 Jun 2018

Hello guys, I am currently in a similar situation with comparable experience as Snype who posted his question in March 2018. I am looking for a easy to use smartphone for a low budget, because my partner is in need of a new smartphone and I have no idea about them. We really don't care about any special features. What we need and want is.

  • Android based system
  • good voice/speaker quality
  • good and replaceable, lasting battery
  • a nice (but not high end super) quality camera (I myself have an iPhone 5s and am very happy with its camera quality, something comparable would be nice)
  • runs smoothly, some lag is alright, it doesn't have to be anything that starts up within 1 sec and all apps are up and running. If it takes 5-10 secs that's totally okay if you know what I mean ;-)
  • price range 80-130 pounds (100-150 euros)

Can you please help? Thanks very much in advance!

  The Kestrel 18:43 26 Jun 2018

It is seen as bad manners on a forum for a poster to add their question to a thread set up by someone else. I recommend that you start a new thread using your own user name.

  Thomas Dudek 23:09 26 Jun 2018

Is it? Really? I didn't know. I heard before that, if there is a related thread, use this instead of opening a new one. Thanks for letting me know anyway.

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