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Looking to get a Camera, Suggestions

  charley 11:26 09 Dec 2019

I am looking to get a camera that I can wear to video my races. What are some of you guys using.

  john bunyan 13:03 09 Dec 2019

You don’t say what races they are. Have a look at GoPro cameras; one of their range should suit you

  charley 13:26 09 Dec 2019

Is GoPro work fine? Also I am a traveler.

  x13 14:39 09 Dec 2019


Good suggestion JB .

  john bunyan 15:55 09 Dec 2019


Follow X13’s link. You can get mounts for helmets, windsurfer etc

What races do you do?

  oftmarshall678 14:14 13 Dec 2019

GoPros are also handy to bring to your travels.

  thesymbol 15:17 23 Dec 2019

GoPro is a good option, just remember post-editing is an important part of making video look good, Movavi editor is really good for that, you can check it out here

  loyefob 18:46 24 Dec 2019

I use a smartphone

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