Looking for Dab radio ideas for work

  tbgjlb 11:46 01 Jan 2017

I'm after a dab radio that can transmit to a bluetooth speaker for work ( smallish and cheapish) or one that has a power output so I can connect a bluetooth transmitter . any ideas ????

  Bazzaman 12:44 01 Jan 2017

Have a look at Revo . They also have a Sale on at the moment Revo Winter Sale .

Not the cheapest, but very good IMHO. I have several (albeit older models) dotted around the house. In fact I use two as DAB tuners for my Hi-Fi systems.

  Forum Editor 12:49 01 Jan 2017
  tbgjlb 15:21 01 Jan 2017

Thanks for advice I'll have a look. As for smallish. I'm looking at portable and as cheap as possible.

And reason I want it to a bluetooth speaker is to keep the music close to me as I work in a moderately loud enviroment and as such as I move around I won't be able to hear it , hence the idea of a speaker .

I'm aware of the how the transmitter works , but so far I've only found one's that run of batteries and I'm still looking for one to plug into a powered output from the radio then just just sellotape somewhere to the radio and bluetooth to the speaker. Even better would be radio with sd card for when I feel the need for alternative music of my choice.

I hope this all makea sense and rhank you for any help

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