Looking for a cheapish digital camera

  funkey_monkey 14:04 24 Mar 2006


I'm looking to buy a 'cheapish' digital camera to use on holidays.

Basically I want something small and lightweight to put into my pocket, but conversely not too fiddely to operate.

An important point is the lag between pressing the button and capturing the image on the camera. I don't want any long delays.

I'd like red eye reduction and an ability to take decent night time images.

What else should I be looking for? I am not looking for top, top quality images. I am used to what was a £40 film camera about 8 years ago, so any of these should be a reasonable step forwards for me.

Many thanks,


  jack 14:11 24 Mar 2006

Take a look at click here
Who specialize in discontinued lines
Main line brands very on offer at about half listed price- simply because new version is out.
They often offer these as 'Factory Refurb' but in fact so far in the 4 occasion I have purchased FUJI cameras they have been new specimens.

  amonra 14:32 24 Mar 2006

There were a load of 3MPix cameras in a large Tesco superstore near me for £19:99. Cant go wrong at that price. Almost as cheap as disposable cameras.

  GaT7 19:40 25 Mar 2006

Would help if you told us your budget. By 'cheapish' I don't think you mean over £100-200, do you?

Low shutter lag - unfortunately, I'm not too sure that's a feature of a cheapish d'cam, but there are ways of decreasing it, see click here. Similar tips at click here.

Here's a list of d'cams sorted by ascending shutter lag times click here.

You may also want to consider response/recycle times - basically the time taken from one shot to the next (or the most shots that can be taken in the least time?). The same list above sorted by ascending recycle times click here.

Night scenes is another feature not usually available in cheapish cameras - but they're always getting better : ). This needs an inbuilt preset or manual adjustments to shutter speed, so you'll need to look out for this. Check the manufacturer's website if this is not mentioned in the store/online specs. Note that a model with no Night Scene preset & a low shutter speed range of say 1sec-1/1000sec will not do. Manual shutter speeds of say 2-10 secs (or more) would be ideal.

Before purchasing, read up on the freely available online reviews. Some popular review sites are click here, click here, click here, click here, click here, click here, click here, click here & click here (has external review links), or Google the camera.

Keep an eye on the MSE Grabbit click here, & I Wanna boards click here for more offers & advice. Digital camera searches on both - click here& click here. (To ask a question or contribute you'll need to register at click here?. Forum homepage click here, site homepage click here. Forum/Site FAQs click here).

Good luck : )) G

  BT 09:03 27 Mar 2006

I've got one of the £40 digital cameras from Tesco and for the price its very good.
5 megapixels, flash, 16 mb internal memory and takes SD cards(512mb £15 from 7dayshop). I don't think the £19.99 one is still available. It comes complete with a charger, USB lead and leather case and is not much bigger than a credit card.

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