Looking for an app: keep track of what people owe

  mannybeingmanny6 21:29 03 Feb 2018

Hi all,

I run a baseball team, and there are a number of different expenses that need to be collected from each player in a given season (league fees, uniform costs, field rentals, etc). I'm looking for a simple app, preferably available with synchronization between a smartphone app and a web app, that will allow me to input each expense for each player, and easily record payments using my phone. Each player would ideally also be able to log into the app from their end to see their balance and what they owe for, and receive some kind of receipt when I mark a payment.

Does anyone know of an app that would serve this purpose?

Thanks for your help, David

  Govan1x 00:02 04 Feb 2018

See that you have it running on another forum as well. Maybe google it.

  Forum Editor 17:03 04 Feb 2018

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