Loft conversion - WiFi access points on Virgin

  Alex Ricketts 22:01 03 Apr 2019

I am having a loft conversion done and will have an office up there. I have a Victorian house so thick walls etc and virgin media router is in kitchen diner on ground floor. I can run Ethernet cables up to the loft easily enough from the virgin router and my intention is to place an access point on first floor then a another on second floor (in new loft conversion) and then I would like to mount one outside on the house to give garden coverage. It looks to me like I need a ‘cable router’ then 2 x access points and a third outdoor access point. I have been looking at an ac1200 tp link device for next to the virgin router (I think I need to change the state of the router to a modem?) then using ac1350 for the ceiling mounted points in the first and second floor and then n300 tp link for the outside. So what I need to know is - Does this sound like a good solution? If not what do you suggest? Can this all be done through POE or do I need to also run additional power supplies? What specification of Ethernet cable should I use? Anything I have missed? Please try to keep responses simple as any jargon used above is simply through reading up - I am a caterer not a technician! Thanks in advance for suggestions and help Alex

  wee eddie 22:46 03 Apr 2019

What a faff. Just use Powerline Adapters. Maybe not quite as fast as direct Ethernet Cables but available everywhere your Mains go.

  john bunyan 23:29 03 Apr 2019

These would be ideal. Base unit at router, then as wee eddie says use on mains. These give you both wi fi and LAN ports- one in attic with an extra LAN socket if you want more than 2 sockets and one on lower floor. I get same speed up as down via LAN for desktop and they provide a MESH wi fi for a house with thick walls.

Devolo Magic 2

See reviews in Techadvisor and others

  john bunyan 08:01 04 Apr 2019

Upstairs you coud link a Devolo in its LAN role with a short Ethernet cable ( enough to get from mains socket to desktop) with a LAN socket such as this


That way you end up with , effectively, a duplicate router upstairs combined with wi fi through the house .If 2 LAN sockets are enough then the Devolo has them. You could, later, buy a third Devolo LAN / wi fi unit to plug in near the garden but it may not be needed.

I did a lot of homework on this and found only the Devolo Magic 2 system did what I needed - use mains circuits instead of Ethernet cables, provide wi fi throughout the house, combined with 2 LAN sockets per unit.

  john bunyan 09:17 04 Apr 2019

BTW I have no association with Devolo but read this


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