Linx 1010B Windows 10 Tablet

  Daisy_Michael 12:29 06 Oct 2015

Hi everyone,

This is something for which I really need an advise; I've got an email kind of a promotional email with a promo-code which can enable a discount of £10.00 on any LINX product.

I already have LINX 7 and I'm happy with it an buying another LINX would certainly help me save biggar than buying a LINX 1010B (which is a little larger in size and comes with Windows 10).

If anyone of you have an experience with LINX 1010B yet or if someone could help me choose the best among them i.e. LINX 7 or 1010B, would surely be appreciable.

The links to these 2 tablets are click here and click here respectively.

  Daisy_Michael 15:16 07 Oct 2015

Never-mind, I have placed an order for Linx 1010B; the coupon was expiring today. Fingers-crossed! :)

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