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  Clive of India 17:25 18 Dec 2018

Can anyone guide me through a minefield?

Ok I’ve been using an old Nokia 6500 slide phone which has just packed up and I’m really out of touch with all the newer type phones.

I was interested in the LG V20 because the battery can be replaced when it dies without the need to use oxy acetylene cutting equipment to get the back off.

I also like the idea of being able to listen to FM radio but without the need to stream, my old phone used headphones acting as an aerial.

The two versions I’ve been looking at are H990DS and H918, does anyone out there know if either of these two will be suitable, at the moment I’m with EE on pay as you go also the phone will only be used in the UK.

Below is a list of what I’ve found regarding the variants but it’s nice to have confirmation from others who have already found out which is best.

See website click here it gives all the different variants.

Ie: H990N is for Hong Kong FM Radio yes H990DS is for Global Market FM Radio yes H990T is for Mexico Radio No H910 is for AT & T FM radio yes H918 is for T Mobile FM Radio yes LS997 is for Sprint Radio No US996 is for US Cellular Radio No VS995 is for Verizon Radio No

They all have a removable 3200 mha battery.

My thanks to anyone who can help me.


  mildred hunter 17:47 18 Dec 2018

I wonder how many times this question has popped up on here. At least once.

click here

  wee eddie 19:19 18 Dec 2018

You're right Mildred. Rather more convoluted than other Spammers with more text and attention to detail, but, as you suggest, it does look like Spam. I've left a note for FE

  Flat Earther 01:03 19 Dec 2018

At least twice click here posted that model variant info from GSM arena in the previous thread and got no response, not too surprised to see the OP regurgitate it here.


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