LG K8 Android phone pop up

  tonyq 10:13 08 Nov 2016

Hi,my wife as the LG K350n android phone, and as started getting a pop up,with the following title "pcwvntxlan.xyz says:" Not sure if this is spam virus or what. The only way I have found to get rid is, to clear all open apps, but returns next time the phone is on. Advice please.

  Govan1x 12:42 09 Nov 2016

Like you cant find anything on Google for pcwvntxlan.xyz says. Not sure where you go from here.

Found this for xlan but probably nothing to do with your problem.

Click here

  tonyq 16:20 09 Nov 2016

Govan1x,thank for the reply. As you say cannot find anything anyware.

  Govan1x 20:29 09 Nov 2016

Breaking it up. Pc WVNT lan xyz. sys. or says. WVNT I believe is a radio station or something to do with radio. PC, speaks for itself as does Lan.

Any chance you might have missed something out in the Title.

  tonyq 16:46 10 Nov 2016


just asked the wife if she knew if I had missed anything out of the title, she said as it happened she had not had the pop up appear today. So all being well for what ever reason it may have hopefully gone.

  Govan1x 18:04 10 Nov 2016

Ok tonyq thanks for the update.I hope it stays away.

  Gordon Freeman 16:29 13 Nov 2016

Get her to go to google play store & dl malwarebytes (MBAM) for android, then run that just to be sure the phone's not infected. It's free just like the PC version.

Also, if she were to use Dolphin browser for android, there's a thing called jetpack (dolphin) which when used with the Adblock add-on, acts as a pop up blocker. Might be worth checking.

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