Lens Filters? and Photoshop Elements 6

  Ex plorer 09:58 30 Sep 2009

Opinions on fitting a clear glass or UV filter to the front of a lens for protection.
I have a 12-24 Tokina and Canon 70-300. IS I am aware of vignetting that can be caused by filters prices do vary considerably even for clear glass.
I used UV on 35mm but I would like advice on Digital.
Anyone who uses the above lens with filters without problems let me know.
Camera Canon 40D so lenses are X 1.6.
I have a 500 page book on Photo Elements 6 and I was thinking of buying the program would this be ideal for digital work or are there others that are better.for around £45
I have Paintshop Pro 8 from years ago.

  jack 12:25 30 Sep 2009

In my experience and vignetting I have not experienced with my Olympus 3/4 system.

Photoshop 8 is a good one and most 'upgrades'I beleive are marginal for general purposes.
Certainly this has been my experience with its clone Paintshop Pro - whilst extra features abound- non are must haves - just nice to have if you think about using them- which I never do.

Certainly there are Free patches to download I would imagine

  hssutton 19:28 30 Sep 2009

On the 40D it's extremely doubtful that you would get vignetting, as on a crop sensor you are only using the centre of the lens.

I'm of the opinion like many others that adding filters degrades the image, so would not dream of placing a filter on my "L" lenses.

Elements 6 as been upgraded to 8, so it's possible that v6 is no longer available.

Have a look at Serif their latest offering is very good click here

  hssutton 14:24 01 Oct 2009

You may find this interesting click here

  Ex plorer 23:26 01 Oct 2009

hssutton thanks for the thread all intresting reading.

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