LeapPad 3 with black screen and blue dots

  ElwiraLubos 13:26 28 Dec 2014

Hi, I got a LeapPad 3 for my son for Christmas, and used it for 2 days (well, my son did). On day 3 we couldn't turn it on. It has start up screee, whcih them leads to black screen, with black dots (user name) at the bottom right. I tried to trouble shoot (from Leap Pad Support), and held Home button, and right D Button - but nothing happened. Could anyone help please? By the way - it has not been dropped or handled roughly. THanks, Elwira

  simonjary 07:31 30 Dec 2014

If you still have problems contact me, and I'll see if Leapfrog can help, but as Jock1e suggests an exchange might be the best option.

  VictoriaMctier 17:57 30 Dec 2014

Mines is coming up the same, black screen with very small blue lines and names in bottom right corner it hasn't been dropped and is less than a week old. I bought it online and cant find my invoice so if anyone can help me fix it, it will be greatly appreciated. I have one very unhappy little boy :(

  alvdbroek 09:54 31 Dec 2014

We bought two Leap Pad 3 devices this Christmas and have seen the black login screen with both. One of them was OK after cycling the power but the other won't recover.

I have tried to repair the second device using the Connect software but the repair button cannot be pressed.

The splash screen animation works in full colour but the login screen is black with little blue text for the user and guest names. The text seems to be repeated in a smudge just below the readable text. Nothing can be done to get past this screen.

We are having a replacement sent to us however we are concerned that this will happen again and next time out of warranty.

It also concerns us that our children have taken photos etc. and we have no way of removing photos before sending the broken devices back.

  GuessHadesty 00:48 10 Jan 2015

I just fixed the problem with the Leap Pad 3 I was having a problem with. It was coming up with the log on name and guest in blue on a black screen, and then at the bottom of the screen, the names were even larger in blue. First, I hooked it up to the computer, with Connect already running. It was seemingly not recognizing my device, because it was not really responding to anything, including when I tried to reset or repair it. Then I clicked on parental settings, and voila, it began downloading software. It quit once through, but I disconnected the Leap Pad and reconnected it. Once it was finished doing it's thing, though, the log in screen popped up and I was in!

Hopefully this helps someone. It seems like it was too simple of a fix to be a technical help, but I figured I would offer my experience. If you get to the parental setting screen and nothing happens I would recommend disconnecting and reconnecting, maybe jiggling the wire a bit, but that was all that was wrong with mine.

  ingrid4love 03:11 15 Jan 2015

I have a new leappad 3 and i can't get pass from wireless setup plz help

  jke 11:41 27 Jan 2015

GuessHadesty, thank you so much, you saved my life(and my wallet). Worked like a charm!

  JamesMcLeish 04:14 28 Jan 2015

I have the same issue, this fixed it.

click here important to do exactly what it says. Don't plug the usb in until after you power it on and have an exclamation on the screen. You also need to have the connect software installed and open on your PC. one other thing, the dpad and home botton should both be on the bottom, so the device should be oriented long ways, I had it on it's side so the right dpad I was holding was really up position.


  CindyKingston 15:04 11 Feb 2015

I brought my 2 boys a leap pad 3 in January one of my sons are fine and he has more apps then the other don't know why but with my other sons leap pad I can't connect to wireless at all it won't even load and when I go into parent setting it just has a white blank Screan on account and wireless but nothing els but won't even load with out wireless I can't get games or nothing anyone els know why this is happening have a very upset 4 year I old Iv looked everywhere to see how I can fix it but none even had the same problem?

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