LCD TV what cable?

  Shutt1e 15:49 30 Oct 2006

click here i am looking to buy this tv and hook it up with my xbox 360 what cable out of these would i need and i want it to come out in HD

1. click here

2. click here

3. click here


  rodriguez 17:54 30 Oct 2006

Neither. The TV looks like it will only support a DVI cable and the Xbox 360 doesn't yet have one.

"Does the Xbox 360 support DVI or HDMI?

At the moment, Microsoft does not plan to offer a DVI or HDMI pack, but it may be available in the future. Todd Holmdahl, Corporate Vice President of the Xbox Product Group at Microsoft, elaborated, “We’re poised to hit the sweet spot of the HD market at launch and as the market matures, we will provide an HDMI for our customers when it makes sense. The reality is, you don’t need HDMI for HD gaming.”

Taken from click here

  Shutt1e 17:58 30 Oct 2006

ok well is this monitor any good and i know you can use a vga cable with this click here is this a good quality screen ?

  rodriguez 18:04 30 Oct 2006

It will work with that one, but it's just a PC monitor so I don't think it will be HD. You should still get a good picture from it though.

  Shutt1e 18:04 30 Oct 2006

no i heard that u get hd quality from a pc monitor

  rodriguez 18:17 30 Oct 2006

I think you can, but it won't be true HD. It should be better than standard definition anyway.

  tapzilla2k 19:42 02 Nov 2006

Well actually what counts in HD terms is the lines of resolution you have. So for example 720P:
The number 720 refers 720 vertical lines of resolution. P = Progressive.
For full 720p it's also assumed the horizontal resolution is 1280 with a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. i.e. my Samsung tv is roughly 1366(?) x 768. You can get PC monitors that have more pixels than most LCD TV's and they are starting to become widescreen. Though i think the minium screen size for HD is 26".

You could probably try using a VGA to DVI adaptor thing to use the Xbox 360, but i have no idea if that will work, as my Samsung LCD tv has a VGA connection.
And this idea of True HD is false. It's just marketing spin by Sony to drive up sales of tv's with 1080P screens. A good Cinema that has a high quality projector and screen, with decent prints of films (not ones that have done the rounds in america for a few months for example), can and will outclass what we can get at home.

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