LCD TV picture quality poor when programme is dark

  aca 18:04 09 Sep 2012

Hi I have a basic 23" TV (F&H Ebuyer own brand). Most of the time the picture is fine but when there is a dark scene and fast moving images the quality drops and you get a very blurry/"pixelly" picture with poor definition.

I am looking to change it but wanted to sus out what was the likely cause of the issue.


  mole1944 05:49 10 Sep 2012

Quality of the picture is in proportian to the quality of the Tv and screen,and more the quality of the incoming signal. After all you'd not expect the refinement of a Bentley for the price of a Mini would you.

  aca 07:48 10 Sep 2012

appreciate that "helpful" response, I was hoping for something more technically astute.

quality of the tv and screen was in proportion to my budget

  cycoze 11:37 11 Sep 2012

is the tv built in digital or are you using an external box? if external try using a decent scart cable as that can improve over a cheap cable.

If its a HD it wont by nature show SD very well.

but in the end mole1944 is correct in what they say, the Panasonic's in the low end of the market are pretty good.

  mole1944 05:35 15 Sep 2012

Just to add,I'm with virgin and use a Samsung Tv switching from there signal to a very good roof top aerial i was amazed at the difference in picture quality. Virgin picture quality was on a par with the best and during the Olympics there HD output was so clear even i was amazed.

  aca 08:23 16 Sep 2012


the signal input is an interesting line rather than the quality of TV.

I have just put together a media PC and hooked in via HDMI to the TV, and absoluteley no blurring and much clearer in dark.

So could be sky box/cable did have same with playing DVD but thinking back this was fed through the sky box

  mole1944 04:52 19 Sep 2012

Another thought are you using a decent conecting cable i know it's digital but a very cheapo cable won't help.old puter saying ofrubbish in rubbish out", like i say good signal good cable good tv,simple.

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