LCD and sunlight.

  gengiscant 12:31 23 May 2010

I have a Fujifilm Finepix J30 camera which my son bought me for my Ebay photos, which it does perfectly. Yesterday following a bout of ill health I decided to go for a walk along the beach and took the camera with me.

I might add that this is the first time I have taken the camera out, anyway I decided to take a picture of some boats but after turning on the camera found that seeing what I was taking a picture of, in strong sunlight, was near impossible. It was not much better in the shade because of the ambient light.

There is noyhing wrong with the camera as when I tried it in doors it was perfect.

My question is this, is this a normal thing with digital cameras or just relatively cheap ones as I would quite like to see what I was taking a picture of before pressing the shutter button. Or is there some setting I should have enabled?

  Forum Editor 14:58 23 May 2010

have an LCD screen brightness adjuster, but most of them struggle to provide enough contrast to make viewing easy in strong sunlight.

I recently used a Canon 50D on the Great Barrier reef in Australia, and it wasn't always so easy to see the display in the very bright light. If a £650 camera body can't cope in those conditions it's unlikely that a £75 compact will fare any better.

  Arnie 15:39 23 May 2010

when I bought my two Canon cameras, I made sure they had viewfinders,
(Canon PowerShot A610 & Powershot A560).

I think it was a big mistake when most camera manufacturers removed the viewfinder facility.

I suppose it would be possible to make some sort of square mini shield to temporarily hold over the LCD screen.

I remember years ago whilst serving in Germany, seeing Rolleiflex twin lens reflex 6x6cm film cameras, using a folding boxlike system to shield the image seen on a glass screen.

  BT 16:53 23 May 2010

I've got one of these I bought a few years ago for my digital camera.

Its a concertina like affair which sticks around the screen with double sided tape strips.

Unfortunately I can't remember where I got it but probably somewhere like 7dayshop.

  BT 17:39 23 May 2010

This is what I have, but they only seem to come in fairly small sizes

click here

  gengiscant 18:16 23 May 2010

Thanks for that guys.
Now I am wondering why this is such a problem and that the manufacturers have done nothing about it.

I have had to eat a lot of humble pie as I have on numerous occaisions moaned at my better half for the standard of photogaphy,this is going to cost me.

Back to the camera, thanks BT had a look at what you gave a link to and some others click here
maybe thats the way to go?
I am still puzzled as to why the makers of these cameras do not provide something like this on purchase, because whereas the camera is not useless its certainly rubbish.

  Arnie 23:25 23 May 2010

if manufacturers can't be bothered to fit a simple viewfinder, I doubt that they would want to fit a sun screen device.
Call me cynical.

  ^wave^ 08:28 25 May 2010

with all the developments in cameras the lcd screen is a weak point and like arnie when i bought my a640 the view finder was one thing i looked for. now i have bought a eos550d and you can see why the slr has just so good, it mat be big but when you look through the vie finder what you see is what you take.
i looked at the mirrorless models on the market but as we have all been disscussing take them into bright light and you are struggling to see what you are takeing
long live the slr

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