LCD or Plasma TV

  rincewind66 15:25 16 Sep 2009

I am going to buy a new tv but not sure whether to buy LCD or Plasma. The make will be either Panasonic, Sony , Samsung or LG. the size will be between 40" and 50". Sorry to so vague. Any help is very much appreciated.

  Zak 15:32 16 Sep 2009
  Stuartli 17:33 16 Sep 2009

Modern quality LCD TVs have display standards that strongly rival plasma sets and also have a lower energy consumption.

Stick to Panasonic if possible, but Sony is a close runner-up.

  oresome 20:59 16 Sep 2009

You need to consider what source material you will be be viewing most and judge the TVs using this source.

Most will produce a good picture from HD material, but the performance on SD material will vary considerably from set to set and also be dependant on the type of programme viewed, i.e. fast action sports or low resolution cartoons etc.

Plasmas will produce more convincing blacks, but the picture needs to be viewed in subdued lighting and the screen suffers more from reflections, being glass fronted. Viewing from the side is better than an LCD which often suffers from marked contrast changes.

Plasmas are often fan cooled and you may find the noise obstrusive in a home environment during quiet passages.

  Stuartli 22:46 16 Sep 2009

That's where the new faster refresh rate models excel.

Will rincewind66 really worry about "low resolution cartoons" though? ...:-)

  oresome 11:39 17 Sep 2009

Will rincewind66 really worry about "low resolution cartoons"

The point being that this type of material will look good regardless of the capabilities of the set as it doesn't stretch the processing power.

  rincewind66 11:56 18 Sep 2009

Thanks for the replies everyone. I have decided on LCD and Panasonic. Just not sure of the model yet, but it will be either a 37" or 42". Just trying to find the best deal now. Any advice on the model would be a great help. I will be watching sport and movies. Thanks again.

  Stuartli 13:08 18 Sep 2009

The more you pay for a particular screen size with a manufacturer such as Panasonic or Sony, the superior the display generating electronics.

  rincewind66 13:38 18 Sep 2009

presumably I need one with 100Hz. So that meens it will have to be a 37". That leaves me with the V10, G10 or G15 I think. Thanks again.

  rincewind66 13:58 18 Sep 2009

Looking at the specs am I right in thinking the V10 is the best then G15 then G10. Is £862 a good price for the TX-L37V10 or would it be better to wait for a better offer?

  oresome 14:38 18 Sep 2009

£820 for the TX-L37V10 seems nearer the going rate with delivery and one years warranty, but if you can get a longer warranty for little extra I'd go for it.

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