at last TOM TOM map updates

  Newuser2 16:05 07 Dec 2006

TT have at last released map updates, months late but they are available from TT's site 20% discount for downloads until end of 2006.

  sunny staines 16:34 07 Dec 2006

just had the tomtom email

  anchor 15:29 08 Dec 2006

TomTom site:

click here

note: These are only for older models of TomTom Go and Navigator.

"The maps included in the TomTom GO 910/710/510, TomTom ONE Regional/Europe (New Edition) and TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 devices are already up-to-date".

  sunny staines 09:43 09 Dec 2006

anyone got the update able to give any feedback.

  anchor 11:24 09 Dec 2006

sunny staines: Have a look on the yournav forum; lots there.

click here

  sunny staines 16:26 09 Dec 2006


thanks, a few people there unhappy with the updates. i will wait a little while.

  Newuser2 11:42 25 Dec 2006

I finally got round to getting the map updates.
I went for western Europe as it included GB, & I,m going on hols to Spain next year so it made sense. The cost between the GB & W Europe was not that much.
I'm on 2m BB with Telewest the download took a while. But it all installed OK, so I'm a happy bunny.
Just one word of caution, if you go for the maps I got you will need a 2Gb SD card.

  anchor 15:21 25 Dec 2006

Newuser2: Glad you had no difficulties. I have a Go 700 bought in June 05, and used it extensively in France, both this and last year, with almost no problems.

I decided against upgrading my maps when I realised that the, (so called), NEW mapping was the same as included on their 510, 710 and 910 models. These were released this Spring, so the NEW mapping is far from new. From what I read on the younav forum, there are still some UK roads missing that have existed for some years.

It appears that TomTom held off releasing these same maps to customers with previous models, hoping to encourage sales of their new x10 range.

I understand that TeleAtlas release new updates to their maps about 3 to 4 times a year, but obviously TomTom do not wish to buy them very often.

I wish you a really wonderful holiday in Spain next year.

  Newuser2 09:50 26 Dec 2006

Thanks anchor.
Opps should have said that I have a 300 bought early last year.
From what I can gather from other forums etc. TT were going to release the new maps much earlier in 2006
But as usual TT kept putting the release date back.
When I called CS the guy had no real idea re the release date.

  anchor 15:32 26 Dec 2006

Newuser2: Yes, you are correct. The original promise from TomTom was these maps would be released earlier this year. It did not happen until this month.

This tends to confirm my opinion that the delay was to encourage sales of their new x10 range. I would imagine that the TeleAtlas issue date of these "new" maps is probably around Jan or Feb 2006. This would have given time for them to be incorporated into the x10 range, which I believe are manufactured in China.

  sunny staines 14:06 27 Dec 2006

I though map updates were due each spring,Imust have wrong info.

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