Laptop Recommendations - With user friendly mouse!

  Amybug84 21:05 29 Sep 2017

Not sure if I am okay to post this but I'm after laptop recommendations.....

I have a very top end of £600 to spend.

Only really needs to be powerful enough for internet surfing, video streaming and a bit of word processing.... BUT.... and it seems to be a big but it must have proper mouse buttons (or at least a responsive easy to use mouse pad). My last three laptops have all had track pads and I just can't get on with them! I find the pads themselves too sensitive and the mouse clicks near impossible!

As I said I've tried three laptops all of which I've hated, hardly used and ended up selling (at a loss) so I really want to take care to buy a machine I will actually like this time rather than wasting more money!

Thanks in advance for your help.

  AroundAgain 21:41 29 Sep 2017

Yes, I appreciate what you say re Touchpads. I hate them too!

So, solution - get a travel or bluetooth mouse :) I use both types, depending on what device I'm using. I've tended to use MS wireless mouse's and have a MS and Dell Bluetooth mouse. All are excellent although not the cheapest available.

Check out websites to see what's available - you'll find there's a huge variety.

You'll also want to check what keyboard shortcut to use to disable your Touchpad, otherwise just brushing your arm/sleeve over it will send your cursor all over the place.

Please post back with outcome ;)

  wee eddie 00:05 30 Sep 2017

I'm with AA. You can get an adequate Wireless Mouse in PC World for little more than a tenner

  nickx89 16:36 05 Oct 2017

You can buy a bluetooth mouse for use why do you need the whole new laptop?

  Jollyjohn 13:38 06 Oct 2017

Go to PC World and have a play on the laptops on display. When you spot one you like, make a note of manufacturer and model. Go home and look it up and see what else that manufacturer offers, and where you might be able to purchase it cheaper.

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