Laptop or tablet best for mobile hotspot

  sharpy878 13:14 09 May 2016

Hi,firstly I live in France. Our area can only receive broadband via satellite which is very expensive. I've Started using my mobile for web browsing which is fine,also for streaming films onto the TV,again with no problems. The problem though is when I connect my laptop via hotspot.. It's so slow, most pages won't load. The laptop is 3yrs old. I'm thinking a tablet may be faster as I've read somewhere that tablets are more suited to using a mobile hotspot than a laptop is?? It's only for 'evening browsing' nothing too technical! My mobile signal is stated as 3g+. Many thanks.

  Burn-it 16:51 10 May 2016

In theory neither should be faster since they cannot have any effect on the transmitted signals. A tablet will be easier to move around to get the strongest signal, however a laptop should be able to apply more power to amplifying such signal as there is.

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