Kodak DC240 Camera - Compact Flash capacity?

  kwil2 01:52 01 Feb 2011

By happy accident, I've just discovered a camera I thought had gone walkabout in a house move ages ago - the Kodak DC240.
Because of the above, I never got round to using it once so it's brand-new and still works perfectly.
However, it uses Compact Flash memory cards and came with one 8 and one 16Mb (that's MEGABYTES...I know, I know!)
Clearly, things have moved on considerably capacity-wise, so can anyone tell me if my Kodak can handle higher capacity CF cards?
I've searched Kodak's website and the camera's still listed (!) but I can't find any info on media capacity.
I'd appreciate any help or suggestions...
Many thanks

  SparkyJack 08:17 01 Feb 2011

This site is most useful to all thing digital and has a forum- just like PCA
Give it a whirl
click here

  BT 09:04 01 Feb 2011

click here

is selling CF cards purporting to fit the DC240 in all sorts of sizes. I use a 512mb card in my Fuji and get several hundred pictures on it.
As the DC240 is only 1.3mp you probably won't need anything much bigger than the cards you have.

  kwil2 02:07 04 Feb 2011

Hi..thanks to you all for taking time to reply.
The manual doesn't give any hint of capacity...but the fact the Fuji at 512Mb can handle 100's is interesting...
Since the Kodak has 'come back' from nowhere, I feel I owe it to myself to use it as much as possible now.
It's a very comfortable and slick-looking camera, much more solidly-built than many current cameras.
I'm now just wondering if it's possible to find 'low' capacity cards these days, since I've never seen them around for a long time.
Many thanks

  BT 09:03 04 Feb 2011

click here


"Picture Quality: Select one of three settings: Good, Better, and Best. Of course, as you move from Good to Best, more space is needed on the picture card to store the image. The Good setting is more than adequate to capture images for online sharing. In high resolution mode (see below), the picture quality settings correspond to the following file sizes:
Best: Stores about 3 images per 1 MB of storage space.
Better: Stores about 4 images per 1 MB of storage space.
Good: Stores about 7 images per 1 MB of storage space."

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