k700i mobile connection to Tom Tom

  Doodles 09:55 24 Mar 2006

I have TomTom 500 GO, and wish to connect my Sony Ericsson 7ooi to it for bluetooth connections. When trying this is prompts me for a code which i do not have.

Can anyone please help.

  sunny staines 11:53 24 Mar 2006

I have same promblem same phone & go700. local orange shop unable to help. i failed to find a soultion.

  sagita 00:00 26 Mar 2006

All the devices I have ever connected have a default code of 0000

Have you checked whether this particular phone is compatible. There is a list on the TomTom website.

  Danoh 01:21 30 Mar 2006

Both k700 and k750 Sony Ericsson phones in the family have a Bluetooth default code of 0000, as well as connecting Bluetooth devices.

As a complete aside, common default codes negates that security aspect completely, unless it is changed to a personalised one.
Which I'm bound to forget....

  ectfabs 23:01 30 Mar 2006

thats the idea you are suposed to forget the code !If anyone know's a code /password then it's no longer secure

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