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Jpg files wont open after transferring from phone

  Roo1234 00:06 24 May 2020

Hi all, I transferred some jpg files from my samsung phone memory to the SD card, and they then all showed as a grey exclamation mark and wouldn't open. I moved them back but still they wont open. I copied them all to a memory stick so I can work on them safely - the file sizes suggest the file is there and still contains the image but just wont open - windows says photo viewer cant open it because it doesn't support the format. I have double checked and the file is still a jpg, until you try and open it you wouldn't even notice anything different to any of the others. Any help would be amazing, they are irreplaceable photos.. many thanks

  john bunyan 09:36 24 May 2020

A long shot but try opening them in Paint on your PC then re saving them - try on one as a test.

  Roo1234 11:18 24 May 2020

Tried it, unfortunately not working. Been looking and there is a recovery app but it says it needs the device rooted to access the phone storage... any thoughts?

  x13 13:51 24 May 2020

Shot in the dark here but could be that the orginal photos were .heic format and when you copied over to Windows 10 the extention changed to jpeg if you don't have the correct codec installed. Download the HEVC and HEIF extentions and install both from here .

Right click a copy of one of your photos and select rename and change the extention from .jpg to .heic See if that works.

When you copy over anything alway 'copy' and never 'cut'. Leave the originals on the camera or whatever you're copying from . Gives you time to check if any corruption has occured during copying.

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