I've got a Tesco Lumia 535

  Graham* 16:10 08 Mar 2016

I've set up a Microsoft account. How do I get to it to view my balance, please?

  martd7 16:23 08 Mar 2016

Are you on Tesco Mobile contract pay as you go\paymonthly

If you are go here and sign up

click here

  alanrwood 16:41 08 Mar 2016

Graham*, you don't have a balance with your Microsoft Account.,

Your balance is with whoeber supplies your mobile phone service. Look on their web site for the number to dial to obtain your balance.

  Graham* 21:59 08 Mar 2016

I was told 'square 10 square but that doesn't work.

  martd7 22:40 08 Mar 2016

Definitely don't need a Microsoft account as alanrwood states

  Graham* 09:21 09 Mar 2016

It's going back this morning.

  tullie 13:44 09 Mar 2016

Is the phone faulty?

  wee eddie 15:20 09 Mar 2016

Who did you buy/rent the phone from?

Why do you want to send it back, and who do you plan to send it?

  Graham* 16:37 09 Mar 2016

**Tesco refunded me, no problem. And they gave me the SIM card with £8 on it, which works fine in my old phone. They didn't ask if it was faulty.**

  martd7 17:56 09 Mar 2016


What was the fault?

  Graham* 09:45 10 Mar 2016

Unable to display balance.

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