I've gone incognito

  wee eddie 18:52 26 Oct 2014

My browser keeps telling me that I've gone incognito.

I don't remember asking it to do this. I have no particular desire to be incognito. So, how do I return to normal.

Samsung G3

  wee eddie 22:10 26 Oct 2014

Both admit that they do not get out of Incognito Mode.

The first says, that it appears to disable it. The second is slightly less forthcoming.

  wee eddie 22:10 26 Oct 2014

Thanks anyway

  Gordon Freeman 14:35 27 Oct 2014

From what you say, it sounds as if you're using the default browser provided by Samsung on the S3. If you're still having 'incognito' problems, consider using an alternative browser, maybe Dolphin which is very good & available for free via PlayStore.

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