iTunes problem to sync music

  Noldi 20:29 25 May 2013

Just got a iPhone 4 but when I sync this to my iTunes it will sync photos but the music is shown on the phone in iTunes with a dashed circle instead of a tick box next to it? The music also does not show up in the music folder on the phone. On first connection with my laptop I registered the phone. My thoughts are that I already have my iPad sync but thought you could connect 2 devices to iTunes maybe it is possible to check what devices are registered on my iTunes account maybe a device I don’t know about. The dashed circle symbol does not come up on any iTunes symbol lists.

Any help would be appreciated


  bremner 08:25 27 May 2013

You can have as many ipod/iphone devices as you like so long as they have different names.

The dashed circle means the sync was unsuccessful and is most often seen when there is insufficient space on the device for all the music you have tried to sync.

With the phone connected click the symbol for it in iTunes on the computer and from the tabs click music. You probably have "sync all music" selected. You will need to change to sync those selected

  Noldi 17:50 27 May 2013

Thank you I did wonder about that but when you Sync the bar at the bottom of iTunes is saying 4.33 GB free ? tried removing the device and reinstalling it, also just tried a single song and that is the same ?

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