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  davecooper 10:15 27 Feb 2010

I am fairly new to itunes having always used other applications for music management. I have set up a folder on itunes for all downloaded and ripped singles. If these singles have come from an album, I can't seem to disassociate them from this album and put them into my singles folder. If I edit the info for the track and change the album title to that of my singles folder, the parent album just gets renamed as my singles folder with both appearing on the desktop rather than the single appearing in my singles folder. Effectively I want to make a compilation album from downloaded/ripped singles. Any help would be appreciated.

  bremner 15:05 27 Feb 2010

Just create a playlist and populate it with songs you want in compilation album.

You can then burn this playlist to a Cd if you want.

  john bunyan 16:50 27 Feb 2010

As bremner says, create one or more playlists named as you want and drag and drop into them from the music list. You wont have duplicates, but just look for the playlist on your iPod.

  john bunyan 16:51 27 Feb 2010

meant to say drag and drop songs int oth playlists from "Music"

  davecooper 20:53 27 Feb 2010

Thanks. No probs with creating a playlist. Are playlists sent to the ipod during a normal sync and if so, how do they appear on the ipod? Can I make the playlist appear like an album on the itunes desk top and on the ipod?

  john bunyan 21:37 27 Feb 2010

You can call each playlist a name like Singles1 or whatever. That is how it will show on the iPod.Will revert later on other issues.

  davecooper 10:03 28 Feb 2010

Thanks for the help. On reflection, I am not too bothered about displaying compilation albums on the desk top etc. However, one last qustion. When you import a track, it appears on the desktop as the album or single cover. Once I have added a tracks to a playlist, how do I remove this from the desktop/album list/cover flow etc without deleting the track from the playlist as well?

  john bunyan 12:31 28 Feb 2010

I would set your iPod to manually Synch. To do this , in iTunes, left click on Edit, then preferences, then devices, then check box "Do not auto synch etc". Then when your iPod appears, you can tell it which to synch. ie only the playlists or whatever,Leave the total,there are not duplicates.

  john bunyan 15:04 28 Feb 2010

The i tunes playlists are in fact like an index - they just select certain tunes defined by you. The original tune remains in the main i tunes library, which is yet another index. The actual files are in My Music/ iTunes/itunes music.
So your playlist just directs the system which file to acquire. There is only one original file and if you delete one from a playlist it is atill in the main library ( in i tunes music)unless you delete it from there too, and you will be asked if you want the song to be sent to the recycle bin. I would not try to get rid of the "tags". Still not quite sure why the normal filing does not work for you.Hope you have a back up on another HD!!

  bremner 17:36 28 Feb 2010

Are you asking how to remove Album Art?

If so right click on a track and chose Get Info. Click on Album Art and delete.

  davecooper 17:31 12 Mar 2010

I have now realised what question I should really be asking. Every downloaded single appears on the itunes desktop as a cover and also appears on the cover flow on the ipod. I only want album covers to show and not hundreds of singles covers. I just want the singles to show in playlists. Is this possible? If I could put all the downloaded singles into a virtual compilation album on the desktop, that would be even better. However, as explained before, it doesn't seem possible to do this.

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