Is it necessary to use a SD card in a phone?

  PraonWeo0 02:57 12 Jan 2017

Hello, What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a SD card in a phone? Recently, I do have purchased a Samsung cell phone and know that this phone allows me to insert a Micro SD card for future use. However, I do not know whether it is necessary to insert a SD memory card inside that smart phone. Do you have any idea? If I do not use a memory card, is there any problem? Thank you very much!

  mole44 04:48 12 Jan 2017

It's added memory to store things like pictures i.e. if you take a picture you can get it to store it on said card,also some apps will allow themselves to be stored on the card all this frees up and expands your internal phone memory.

  QuizMan 17:29 12 Jan 2017

It depends how you use your phone and how much internal memory it comes with. With cheap memory prices these days, I have 64gb SD card that handles all the photos and MP3's that I throw at it. And, as mole44 says, some (but not all) apps can work happily on the card.

  rickf 10:26 13 Jan 2017

And NO it doesn't cause problems with your phone if you don't add a SD card. Depending on the capacity of your phone you might ran out of space though if you are a heavy user. People usually just add an Sd card to increase storage space.

  polymath 17:52 14 Jan 2017

If you do add an SD card, good idea to read up first on which formatting option suits your needs, especially if you want to read the card in other devices (the option names vary and can be ambiguous).

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