iPod Touch puzzlement

  jack 09:40 22 Oct 2009

Having got to grips with WiFi and Webmail- I have been trying to load a contacts list either as an import or direct typing.
The online manual offered no solution to my query.
Perhaps I have been asking the wrong question.
So far failure.
Any users cracked this one?
Or are we reduced to typing each address each time?

  I am Spartacus 20:45 22 Oct 2009

Is this any use? click here

  jack 11:23 23 Oct 2009

I have seen that one and few more.
Where great delight is taken in telling one that this that and the other can be done.
But apart from discovering how to manually control operations- I have yet to discover How!
It appears to be click and drag for downloads - but address books!
Havn't got that to work yet.

  oldbeefer2 12:39 23 Oct 2009

I haven't tried this on mine, but looks as though it should be possible click here

  jack 10:51 24 Oct 2009

but did a hand job.

  Ge-orge 06:40 25 Oct 2009

"Still puzzled
but did a hand job." /quote

I hope you got paid for it if it was on someone else.

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