iPod Touch - my music has disappeared

  Esc4p3 12:02 09 Aug 2010

I have a 16gb 1st Gen iTouch. I have had music/apps/video's sycn'd onto it ever since I had it just over a year ago using iTunes. But over the last week, I went in to add some more music and something went awry, not sure what. But in the process I lost all my music and try as I might I cannot get any music onto the device. I have completely reset the device twice without luck. I have apps and picutres on there which are fine!

What happens is it transfers across OK and when I disconnect the iPod and press the music icon, it waits for a moment and then says "no content". I have checked on iTunes and the music is there but unavailable. I have tried to delete and re-add but no luck. I tried a different tack tonight and sync'd a genius playlist and this crashed iTunes and the music is again on the device but the music is greyed out and I cannot get to it.

Is my iPod borked? Is there a fix, or am I just going mad. Any advice gratefully received!

  Esc4p3 14:00 10 Aug 2010

I may have solved this....restored again, removed all content off of the iTouch, reinstalled iTunes and have started putting the music on first before any other content. I am putting a couple of hundred tracks on, disconnecting the iPod, rebooting it etc. and it has worked OK so far.

The downside is I have no apps whatsoever, but one step at a time!

  Esc4p3 16:41 16 Aug 2010

The above didn't work after all, however, the final solution was that my firewall (AVG free) was interfering with iTunes. I tracked down a thread on the Apple support forums and although no-one knew why, various people reported that their firewall was the problem. Anyway, result :)

  john bunyan 22:16 21 Aug 2010

Thanks for the feedback. I use PCTools firewall and Avira (ps I thought AVG was an anti virus programme, not a firewall). Have 3 iPods in use, 2 Classics and a touch, for different family menbers,with W7.

  Esc4p3 15:27 25 Aug 2010

EDIT: Good point John....it is Zonealarm free firewall - doh!

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