Ipod docking station choice?

  Grambo 11:31 19 Jun 2008

After reading too many reviews I have short list of 3 that catch my eye, all similar prices from Amazon
1. Tannoy i30
2. Klipsch iGroove
3. Intempo Digital RDI

I think the Intempo is fav at the moment because of radio (which is not THAT important to me) and the fully functional remote.

No harm in asking others opinion just to confuse me even more lol

  al7478 22:27 20 Jun 2008

I've lttle experience of docks, but ive heard good things about the intempo. Whats your budget?

  Grambo 00:43 21 Jun 2008

The three that im looking at are all 90-110 pounds

  superhoops 19:03 21 Jun 2008

I have the Intempo. If you have good reception the DAB is fine. (Upstairs in the house the reception is so good I don't even need to stretch the aerial out, downstairs, which is where I bought it for, the DAB reception is appalling.)
The ipod plays well through it and charges the unit as well. It comes with different connectors to fit any ipod model.
The downside is that there is no socket to connect external speakers. The sound goes loud enough it just doesn't have the oomphhhh, if you know what I mean, of the sound I get playing music through Itunes and the pc external speakers. The sound is probably fine for a bedroom/ kitchen but for a lounge, which is what I bought it for, it just isnt good enough.
Any questions let me know

  al7478 14:45 22 Jun 2008

Sorry, i had intended to get back to you sooner. But you may be in better hands with superhoops.

Anyway, you would probably find plenty of opinions if you click here. I decided this is'nt an area i should advise on if theres someone better available.

  lgjsw 11:06 24 Jun 2008

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  lgjsw 07:13 26 Jun 2008

Hi all

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  candy2007 16:31 08 Jul 2008

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  Grambo 19:02 08 Jul 2008

Thanks for input but can i ask another question. Whats ripping got to do with docking station lol. Just asking.

  Rigga 21:52 19 Aug 2008

Just purchased the Intempo Digital RDI and an iPod Touch.

RDI setup was a breeze with it auto tuning to the DAB stations, and reception with the aerial extended is good.

FM reception is better, as it picks up a good signal with the aerial tucked away behind the box.

Sound quiality, considering it's mp3 tracks that are being played, is pretty decent. It's not going to make anyones' ears bleed, and if you're a bass nut then it's not going to cut the mustard, so no good for loud parties. However for a kitchen / dining room solution it's pretty much spot on. Nice high range without being tinny, and reasonable bass for such a small box.

iPod integration is good with the supplied remote able to control track selection. However the remote range is't great, you have to really point at the machine to get it to work but it does work from some distance, so no real problems.

I'm quite pleased with the combination although only used it for a few hours at present.


  Grambo 12:02 20 Aug 2008

Think you definately made the right choice there. I elected to go for the I groove from amazon. Beautiful, well built piece of kit and was very pleased with the sound. However, it is not much use with nano 3g. Because the ipod is much smaller than lets say the classic, it is so so difficult to access ipod control wheel, as the cradle covers up half the wheel. That, plus the fact that the remote is only good for skipping tracks (unlike the intempo), I decided to return it and went for the Intempo Digital RDI. This ticks all the boxes for me, but please dont be put off by the I groove. Its just not suited for the nano ipod.

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