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  SURVEY 17:31 28 Feb 2007

I presently have a Rio Carbon 5GB mp3 player and very good indeed it is. I have run out of space and need to replace it with one with at least 30GB. I am not happy with an ipod due to its inability to play wma files (I know that I could convert them to mp3. The Creative Zen seems to have problems with its touch screen, file structure and inability as I understand it to drag and drop files.

Anyone any suggestions?

  Rose 17:45 28 Feb 2007

Creative Vision M. It's fabulous! Slightly fatter than the ipod but very easy to navigate through menus , excellent sound and pin sharp video. FM radio and record function too.

  SURVEY 18:00 28 Feb 2007

Rose - what about the touch screen in comparison with the nice slick ipod wheel. I had understood that the navigation could be over-sensitive even when adjusted.

  Rose 18:39 28 Feb 2007

I've had no problem at all. Menus are easy to navigate and make sense and control buttons are big and very straight forward to use. I agree that nothing quite matches the ipod click wheel but the Creative controls are easy to get to grips with and the player is a dream. Music, video etc can be dragged and dropped into player. It's very easy!

  SURVEY 19:12 28 Feb 2007

Rose - your posting is most helpful. There were a couple of other issues that I had heard about, so I will look these up and re-post for your opinion. One I know was the screen scratching but I think that applies equally to the ipod.

  [email protected] 19:47 28 Feb 2007

I owned a Zen Micro when they were first released. I thought it was an excellent player. The software side of things was as close to perfect as you could get I thought.

The touch sensitive buttons felt a bit sensitive at first but I soon got used to them and had no problems. If I were to buy a new MP3 player now I would certainly consider Creative. As far as I know they do support drag and drop but I would have to double check this.

The Sandisk Sansa is supposed to be a good alternative to the iPod too although they only come in sizes upto 8GB.

Iriver players also get a good writeup so it's worth considering those too.

  Rose 19:48 28 Feb 2007

The Creative player has a protective plastic film covering the screen when it ships. I've left this in place and that deals with the screen scratching issue but the body of the player does scratch easily. I use my player and enjoy it, that's what I bought it for. It's like the new car scenario, the first scratch is the one that really hurts. After that you just get on with it.

  rodriguez 08:31 01 Mar 2007

If you can get away with 20 GB, I have an iRiver H10 which has lasted 18 months and still working perfect. They make 5 and 6 GB versions, but the main one is 20. It also plays WMA and WAV as well as MP3 and has an FM radio. click here

  SURVEY 09:46 01 Mar 2007

These are a few of the queries on which I would appreciate your comment:

Some have said that when you turn these players off, they actually went into a kind of stand-by, and the battery kept depleting.

Headphone jack wear – is this a problem on these players?

Battery life – what do you get playing music and how long to charge via the mains? Has anyone had to have their battery replaced yet?

Freezing – have you had any problems with the whole unit freezing and having to be reset?

I note from some reviews that you can in fact drag and drop music files from Explorer or WMP10 without having to use Creative’s software. Is this so?

Volume – I have noticed with my player that connecting up to a hi-fi system even with the player turned to full volume one cannot pump up the hi-fi to really be loud enough for a large room. Does the ZVM suffer this problem also?

  [email protected] 15:25 01 Mar 2007

Bear in mind that I speak of an old model so the situation may or may not have changed:

Battery - If the player was left unused for a couple of weeks, the battery would usually be dead so I guess there may must be minimal drainage while it's turned off.

Headphone jack wear - incidentally, that is why I don't have a Zen anymore, the headphone socket wore out so I had to get it replaced. Dixons had no more so I got the Samsung YP-25 instead. I noticed the newer models had a headphone jack that looked different so that problem may have been rectified by now, I'm not sure.

Freezing - I did get the very occasional freeze. This was fixed by removing the battery and re-inserting it.

Drag and Drop - If I remember correctly this was supported but I'm not 100% sure. Creative's site should clarify this for the model in question.

Volume - I don't imagine it would be much different to any other MP3 player because it is the same amount of power that has to power the headpones that will feed your hi-fi.

  SURVEY 16:14 01 Mar 2007

[email protected] - thanks for your response. Can anyone add to this please. Rose?

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