brambles 11:35 25 Aug 2009

I wonder if some kind expert could tell me whether a computer is an essential part of having an iPhone. My daughter is anxious to buy one but is not keen on having to buy a computer well, I felt for updates, synchronisation etc it is important.
Is the iPhone3Gs only distributed by O2 or can it be purchased from Carphone Warehouse? I know the iPhone 3G original can but I thought I read somewhere that O2 were exclusive suppliers of the latest version.

Thanks for any comments or help


  superhoops 00:49 26 Aug 2009

Hi. You can get an iphone from various outlets but at the moment only on o2 as they have the exclusive rights. That is all set to change shortly however.

Your daughter will need a computer of some sorts as it needs to be activated initially through itunes on your computer. In addition backups of the iphone are performed through itunes on your pc. If your daughter wants to put music on the ipod part of the iphone again it is done through itunes etc etc. So yes, I would say a computer is essential to owning an iphone.
The iphone is good or even very good except for the the rubbish bluetooth support, I can go into further details if you are interested.

  bremner 15:59 28 Aug 2009

You can get the iPhone from Apple Stores on Pay as U Go, or O2 or the Car Phone Warehouse on contract.

"That is all set to change shortly however" allegedly ;o)

  brambles 16:06 28 Aug 2009

superhoops + bremner - Thank you for taking the trouble to answer my query - that's very helpful


  dagnammit 22:11 29 Aug 2009

Buy a Nokia.

  donki 11:51 02 Sep 2009

Dont be a spoil sport Iphone 3GS or a Brick.. sorry I mean a Nokia, no brainer really IMO.

IMO if you dont have access to a PC there isnt really any point in having an Iphone, or at least you wont get the full benifits of it, thereofre justifying the price. To update your Iphone in any way software updates or music on the ipod you need an itunes account and PC. If your wanting to access the net or download apps at a decent speed you will need a good 3G connection or a WiFi conection in your home. Unless you fancy sitting somewhere with a WiFi hotspot.

Just my opinion of course.

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