iPhone wifi 2 questions

  Phil Ocifer 12:20 08 Oct 2012

iPhone 3GS At the moment, it always connects to the 1st wifi signal it finds, which is usually the Cloud or BT Openzone.

Can I prevent it connecting to either or both of these as 1. I don't have an account with BT and 2. The Cloud requires one to login each time (which is a pain in the asp) so I use others in pref to the Cloud.

2nd question was How can I avoid having to have to log into the Cloud each time?

And third question was could anyone supply me with a code for BT Openzone? ha ha that was a joke question. I wish. Lol

Thx in advance. Phil

  kevinmark 12:44 11 Oct 2012

-wifi generally considered faster than 3g -when using the iPhone on a wifi network does it use any data allowance? -it is worth getting wifi at my house from my CPU to have a faster iPhone and less data usage.

  Phil Ocifer 12:33 12 Oct 2012

@kevinmark - yes, wifi is much better for me as there's not much coverage of 3g up here in the forgotten corner of England. and therefore it's also much faster.

Also I'm on PAYG so it's £1 per day for 02 Data but because it's so slow I don't bother, I just hook onto the most convenient wifi signal when they are available and do without when they're not.

Unfortunately, some WiFis (like the Cloud) need you to log in every time you connect to them whilst others, (like the 02 shops) store the password for future reference.

However, because the phone picks up the first signal it finds, I often find that I've already connected to the Cloud which necessitates entering my email address and password, so I switch it to O2 which just connects. Job done.

If you go into Settings, General, Mobile Data and switch it off (you can leave Enable 3G and Data Roaming "ON" if you want), you can then go into Settings and WiFi and switch that on.

When you have done this it won't connect to the Mobile network and will not incur any charges or use any data allowance, but it will use WiFi wherever it finds it, which is a totally separate entity.

Admittedly, WiFi isn't available absolutely everywhere yet, but most pubs, cafes etc and town centres generally have something available to the public whether it be the Cloud or BT OpenZone or something else?

And of course, you'll be able to hook into your home wifi which should be available 24/7 whilst your 'at home' and this will not incur any extra charges either.

So you only really need to put your Mobile Data on when you're not close to (what is commonly referred to as) a WiFi Hotspot and you want to get some information urgently.

Hope this helps

  sid8 14:10 18 Oct 2012

Yes you can set the priority of the networks to which service should the wifi connets the first. It is usually beacuse those networks are saved in the cell and on switching on the wifi it automatically connents to the wifi.

Regards Sid Nitrotek

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