iPhone update out today!

  Chris the Ancient 10:12 23 Nov 2010

Apparently stops people grabbing your details if you are in the range of their wi-fi.

  bremner 11:27 23 Nov 2010

The update came out yesterday but I can see any reference to what you describe click here

  Chris the Ancient 14:02 23 Nov 2010

Did you mean *can't* see any reference?

Anyway, it was on BBC Breakfast this morning with Rory Cellyn Jones - about the wi-fi bit.

  bremner 14:31 23 Nov 2010

Should have been can't - will look on BBC thanks

  bremner 14:38 23 Nov 2010

click here

It seems that the wifi issue is one that affects all smartphones and is packet sniffing.

The fix that is in OS4.2, Find My Iphone, allows for the iPhone to be remotely wiped if it is lost or stolen. This has been possible if you have a Mobile Me account since the 3gs was launched in 2009 - it is now available to everyone.

  Chris the Ancient 16:52 23 Nov 2010

Hmmm... Being a newbie(ish) to the iPhone, I hadn't heard of the Find my iPhone app until you told me about it!

Now loaded into my iTunes and phone - in the hope I don't need it!

  Chris the Ancient 11:39 24 Nov 2010

I have found that 'Find My Phone' doesn't work on a iPhone 3 (as far as I can see) with OS 4.1.2 and then one needs a Mobile Me account (at a cost) even then.

But, a 2nd hand iPhone 3 was all a I could afford.

Oh well...

  bremner 17:29 24 Nov 2010

You are correct it only works on iPhone 4 unless you have a Mobile Me account

  Chris the Ancient 09:47 25 Nov 2010


I might try that later on today.

  Condom 17:41 02 Jan 2011

You could write what I know about mobiles on a pinhead but I bought myself an iPhone 4 in Bangkok several months ago after my existing mobile was stolen. At the time the iPhone4 was still not officially available in Thailand so what I purchased was one origially from the USA and it was unlocked so I could use it PAYG with the local 1 to Call provider.

I arrived back in the UK a month or so ago and switched my PAYG SIM card to my Orange PAYG one which the Thai people had cut down for me free. It worked well and I have no problems.

However everytime I plug it in to my PC it tells me that new software is available but I don't download this as I have been told it will relock my phone. Is this true or just scareware. The problem I would have if it was relocked is that I have no idea who the original provider would have been in the USA and I don't want to end up with the preverbial block of glass.

Any help would be much appreciated. I really don't use my phone much in the UK and I don't want to enter into any contracts.

  Condom 13:02 10 Jan 2011

Hi Beta
Yes there is an application called Cydia on my phone but I already knew my phone was jailbroken. What I really wanted to know is what would happen if I updated to the latest apple software as I have no idea which phone company in the USA the phone would have been connected with.

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