Iphone 7: Is upgrade from EE pre-locked to EE?

  Bailey08787 20:09 10 Oct 2016


I'm thinking about buying an Iphone 7 from a seller who has received it from EE as an upgrade

The Iphone is still sealed / has not had a sim installed in it yet.

I wish to use the Iphone on Three.

Will it work with a Three sim?

Or will it only work with EE until it is unlocked?


  lotvic 21:23 10 Oct 2016

According to Uswitch unlocking guide "Pay monthly and pay as you go EE phones are locked to its network." click here and scroll down to the EE info, seems there are more conditions to be met before it can be unlocked.

  Govan1x 14:34 13 Oct 2016

The only ones that will work on an EE are orange or Virgin.

If the seller got it as an upgrade then stops paying his monthly fees then the phone will get locked and be unusable.

I would think that it is a chance you take unless the seller maybe a friend.

  john bunyan 15:31 13 Oct 2016

I believe the cost of unlocking an EE based I phone is well over £100

  lotvic 18:21 13 Oct 2016

john bunyan, where the heck did you get over £100 to unlock from?

This is info from EE website click here and EE community unlocking Apple tips click here

  john bunyan 18:43 13 Oct 2016


Sorry; you may well be right. However it depends on the contract (if any) on which the phone was bought. EE may well hold one to the notice period. I may be out of date, but I seem to remember, some time ago, being quoted such a figure by a "Game" store selling a used EE I Phone, whereas O2, for example, was £25 or so. I hope you are correct, but I suspect the figures you quote are for EE users who are into a period beyond the original contract.

  lotvic 21:23 13 Oct 2016

JB, I haven't quoted any figures.

  john bunyan 09:12 14 Oct 2016


I haven't quoted any figures

No, but the link did.

  lotvic 17:38 14 Oct 2016

JB, in light of your info - I've made a mental note not to purchase a used EE Iphone from a "Game" store (or at least not the one you went to). This is relevant as I am about to replace my 11 year old basic Nokia payg and have been actively looking for a bargain.

  john bunyan 18:26 14 Oct 2016


Game also sell genuinely unlocked I Phones with a one year guarantee. Unlocked phones are a little dearer than tied ones.. Our family use Giff Gaff (O2 Carrier) on a one month rolling "contract" SIM only at about £10 per month for 500 mins , unlimited txts and 1 Gig Data. I have a local repair man who also gets unlocked phones. A granddaughter bought a 5s with 64!!! Gig storage for about £220, with less storage prices are about £200 or so, according to condition.

You can get a £7.50 per month rolling monthly contract with less minutes and data from Giff Gaff. I hate long term contracts!

PS I , personally, avoid Gum Tree as a significant amount of "dodgy" deals are on there!

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