iphone 6 completely broken please help!!

  Ben White 22:57 05 Jan 2019

ive had an issue with my iPhone 6 where the screen started glitching and would randomly tap parts of the screen without me doing it and the phone only charges now when the battery is completely dead and there is no 4g anymore it just says searching and the phone is really slow now, does anyone have any ideas??

  wee eddie 00:45 06 Jan 2019

The case and face are completely undamaged? It has been nowhere near any liquids? And has not been dropped

  Ben White 12:32 06 Jan 2019

it hasn't been near any liquids or dropped but the screen is lose on the phone

  wee eddie 13:42 06 Jan 2019

Get the screen fixed before anyone can do anything to help

  gokce sezgin 11:15 31 Jan 2019

Did you try shutting it down and restarting it? If no, then do it. If yes, still the same then I would suggest to go to a repair shop and let it checked. See how much they charge you for it. Usually shop keepers charge way more than normally. So, compare the repairing prices with online platforms too such as Alpha SmartPhones, Ebay, Amazon and more.

  wee eddie 14:06 31 Jan 2019

If the Glass Screen, of your Phone, is really not fixed in place, then any suggestion that we make is unlikely to work. You need to fix that first

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