iPhone 5s - changing from O2 to a new provider

  Pine Man 15:38 27 Apr 2018

I have been with O2 for my mobile phone contract for a long time. Their service and coverage is fine but their prices are not!

Two providers, Tesco and GiffGaff, appear to offer exactly what I want and at a much cheaper price. They both use the O2 network and are around the top of the list for customer satisfaction.

Anybody got any experience of these, good or bad, to help me make my mind up?

  Pine Man 15:55 28 Apr 2018

All resolved.

I rang o2 for a PAC number and they matched both the Tesco and GiffGaff prices. I'm happy to stay with them:-))

  BRYNIT 10:33 29 Apr 2018

If you were on O2 contract O2 will unlock it for free, if you were on PAYG it will cost £15 see O2 web site CLICK HERE

  Pine Man 10:38 29 Apr 2018

I was on a contract with O2 and had already unlocked my phone in anticipation of changing provider. I needed a PAC number to port my existing number to the new provider but when I rang to get one they convinced me to stay. They offered five times the allowances for two thirds of the price - a no brainer.

  john bunyan 13:36 29 Apr 2018

I use Giffgaff , as do some family members. What I like is it is a rolling monthly contract as I dislike long term contracts. I have unlimited phone minutes, 3gig downloads and unlimited texts for £10 a month. My wife has a £7.5 a month tariff for a bit less minutes. Giff Gaff uses the O2 network.

  martd7 13:56 29 Apr 2018

I'm on O2 as well have been for many years and as Pineman said O2s prices are high,they matched giff gaffs deal for me too when I phoned up

  wee eddie 08:27 02 May 2018

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