Iphone 4S Nightmare

  Summer-man 18:05 20 Feb 2013

Hi all,

This might be a long one i'm afraid

Ive had my iphone 4s for just over a year now and the last month i've been having problems with the sound (Really intermittent, goes a long time without working) I've exhausted every thing possible to try and sort it (Reset, clean dock etc etc)

Yesterday I accidentally dropped my phone and have a crack on the top right (Nothing major, more bothered about the sound to be honest)

When I purchased the phone on contract with 02 I took out Carphone Warehouse's Geeksquad insurance

This morning I thought no worries, i'll give geeksquad a call-I was then to find out my monthly payment to them cancelled for whatever reason and I couldn't reinstate the account when it goes over two months-I asked why I wasn't informed and they said they sent a letter to my address (An address I haven't lived at for over 2 years and have told them time and time again that it is not my current address) The lady on the phone said the system wont allow her to restart the policy but she can add some kind of complaint from me expressing disapointment and I may hear something within 72 hours but not holding out much hope that it will change anything (Yes before anyone says it, I know I should have kept track of the payments but when you've got a million things on it's the last thing on your mind)

I then rangup Apple and was told that it's eleven days out of warranty but they will sort it anyway (Sorted, I thought) Just as they were arranging collection they asked if it had any cracks etc and I said I dropped it yesterday-They then said this has voided the warranty (Even though the hardware problem has been going on for two months now) and that they could offer me a new one for £150, or to try my bank

As I pay £12 a month to my bank for an advanced account for all these wonderful "benefits" I thought aha, yes I must have mobile phone insurance with them; alas no

I have another year on my contract and use this phone to run my business so is a big problem when the sound isn't working and I miss calls-The lady from Apple said just use headphones but it really isn't practical to use headphones all the time!

Sorry everyone, thought it would be a long one-

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks all

  alikhan 07:09 14 Mar 2013


got to know you are running out of warranty less chances to get your problem fixed by customer care.

or Contact me I can definitely help you: we are: Mobi Link UK Group Instant iPhone Repair 175 Cranbrook road Ilford, Essex

Gud Luck buddy.

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