iphone 4 and new sim

  frappy 21:36 17 May 2014

I have an iphone 4 which is unlocked and with Tesco/02 network. I am changing to Virgin shortly and wish to know if when I put the new sim card in the mobile, I will be able to access all my data/emails and contacts as normal without back-up to pc or icloud before changing over. I have a PAC code to retain my mobile number which Virgin will deal with.

  frappy 10:14 18 May 2014

I made an error in phrasing my query............. On the second line I should have said " WILL I be able to access..... I shall be using the same mobile, only changing from a 2 year contract with Tesco/02 and going to a Virgin sim card on £5 per month.

  carver 09:05 23 May 2014

All you need to do is store every thing to the phone, then when the new sim card is fitted swap things back to that.

Now e-mails could be a problem if your e-mail account is with Tesco and your new e-mail account is with Vigin, if it is then I believe you have a month to either store them to a pc or lose them.

Very easy and as Jock1e stated if you have problems ask the virgin forum.

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