iPhone 3GS battery life problems

  montrachet 18:04 29 Aug 2012

Hi I have an iPhone 3GS, just inherited from my brother, I say this as it's new to me, seems to consume its battery even when off. I can switch all functions off, charge it to 100% leave it overnight and it has discharged by 40% by the morning. It seems to be even worse with the SIM card in. Vodafone PAYG. The SIM is over 3years old. The battery is now 2+ years old, could it be that it needs replacing or is this just normal. Any advice would be appreciated. John.

  CommandJG 06:21 30 Aug 2012

I used to have same problem. The battery ran out so fast. I did not want to buy new one at that time and the battery could not be replaced. I had no choice but always carried iPhone charger.

  Rooney85 07:30 04 Sep 2012

Could the apple's battery be replaced? Gosh, I just knew it. I thought it could be no replace, you gotta buy new phone if there is something wrong.

  feond 08:36 04 Sep 2012

What about this? It is a portable backup power supply unit, with USB interface. It is suitable iPhone 3G, iPhone 4G and a variety of iPad digital products. Using high-capacity lithium battery. It ensures the power supply / charger to consoles for long time. With sleep mode and low power switches reminder. Intelligent power save energy. http://1cc.cc/ns9 Large-Capacity USB External Backup Battery Pack Power Supply for iPhone 3G/4G

  worrell.christian 17:07 04 Sep 2012

Ugh. What a crummy problem. If it was me, I would get to an apple store or call their customer care to see about what options are available... That, or get one of those portable charges, and keep it charging all of the time. Good luck! :(

  montrachet 17:36 04 Sep 2012

Thanks everyone for your views and opinions. I have been trying some further tests. If I switch the phone completely off-press and hold off button and slide. Then the battery holds charge overnight, only losing 1 or 2% of capacity. I think this means the battery os OK. When the phone is in standby with all functions switched off, it is still consuming battery. To me, this means something is operating in the background and I cannot find out what it is. For the cost, after two years plus of use I am tempted to have the battery changed anyway. I will give it some more thought and report back. Thanks again to all who posted. John.

  jellyhead 18:47 04 Sep 2012

If you are prepared to take the phone apart yourself there are plenty of tutorials on youtube to show how it is done and a battery will cost about £7 on ebay

  dawn0115 04:13 06 Sep 2012

They are so power consumption is very powerful, you need at any time with a mobile charger.iPhone battery charger

  Sammyi 06:18 17 Sep 2012

iPhone battery life is an universal problem. ;( I even kept a mobile charger with me all the time and I lose it twice! gosh!!!

  sid8 13:19 18 Oct 2012

The batteries begin to decline in performance after about a couple of years. They prefer being topped up, not being run down to zero and being charged up again. Though Apple's battery care page suggests that it's worth running down the battery once a month. In the meantime, there are free battery monitoring apps available, you could use them to track battery usage. Also turn off non essential services such as Bluetooth, push email and so on. Turn the screen brightness a bit lower. This should get you a bit more time until you trace the fault itself.




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