Internet on a mobile via a broadband connection?

  erkmatrix 23:15 12 Jan 2011

Hi this may seem a stupid question but I've only ever had a basic payg phone and now want to get a payg smartphone (HTC Desire HD)but I'm clueless as to what they can do. I know you can get he internet with a monthly plan of £20 for 6 months on T-Mobile I think it is but is it possible to just connect it to a wireless router connection from a home broadband and get emails and browse on the phone the internet using that connection and not have to pay, or doesn't it work like that.

  sunnystaines 09:28 13 Jan 2011

you can get your htc to connect to your router and use the wifi via your broadband.

go into the wifi settings you should be able to see a list of wifi networks in range hit your one and enter your wifi network password and it will auto connect whenever in range.

  erkmatrix 10:32 13 Jan 2011

Hi and thanks for the info, I haven't got the phone as yet, just wanted to know if you could do this first. So people who pay for the internet on these payg phones do so to connect to wifi hotspots but at home they could simply connect to their own broandband, am I right in saying that.

  dms_05 10:54 13 Jan 2011

'So people who pay for the internet on these payg phones do so to connect to wifi hotspots but at home they could simply connect to their own broandband'


People pay to use the 3G network to connect to the internet, so if you can get a 3G signal you can be on the internet. I also keep my 3G connection going at home - however I could connect by WiFi to my Router but prefer to stay on 3G.

I use a ZTE Racer (Android 2.1) from '3'. It was 'free' and I have a monthly plan costing £13 which gives me more internet than I need and many more minutes of phone and SMS than I'm likely to use.

  erkmatrix 11:29 13 Jan 2011

Hi DMS_05

Thanks for making that much clearer for me, I get it now.

Just out of interest, so you are on a payg phone with 3G correct, if I got a htc desire payg phone on 3G network. Could I get this deal for £13 with free minutes and text as well as internet, or did you get a special deal. I thought to get minutes and texts you have to pay £25-£40 a month on a contract.

  dms_05 09:16 16 Jan 2011

I'm on a contract but that included a free android smartphone with internet, talk time and SMS for £13/month. That was a special offer price but it's only £15/month normally - I was just lucky!

Look carefully at the plans offered by the mobile operators - they often push ones that are better for them than the customer! I researched mine carefully and pounced on the best deal when it appeared.

You can buy the same ZTE Racer for £100 and have PAYG internet. I think £5 worth of top up gives you 150 MB of internet (as well as talk+SMS) and you buy another £5 worth when the internet runs out (or the talk!).

  erkmatrix 16:10 17 Jan 2011

Thanks for the advice DMS_05, I have now looked more into this and think I've found a good deal, I know its a lot of money but I've kinda set my heart on the HTC Desire HD now as I want it to also take good pics and record a video clip for youtube now and again. I would then buy a sim free one and get one of these sim only deals from T-mobile £15.32 30 day contract with 350 minutes and 300 texts a month and also free unlimited internet (yeah fair use policy one though). Still not a bad deal and should suit me as its not too much a month. Keep it in good condition and sell it on in 6 month - 1 year and upgrade it. Or keep it for longer maybe if its still good enough which it should be for a couple of years I guess.

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