international mobile calls

  [DELETED] 20:45 06 Mar 2006

My daughte is travelling abroad and a mobile phone sounds useful but I've heard calls to and from the phone are expensive. Anyone know a way around this?

  [DELETED] 21:22 06 Mar 2006

if it's to the USA, get her to buy a basic triband PAYG mobile there and use a service like 18866 (click here)to make calls to her for 2p/min, her calls to you will be expensive but she only has to text `please call` to solve that.

  Forum Editor 23:54 06 Mar 2006

for the people making the calls - if you phone her you'll pay just the same as you would when you call her in the UK. Your daughter will be billed for the call from the moment it leaves the UK network however, and that can end up costing a packet.

Calls from a roaming mobile back to the UK will be billed at the full rate, which can be expensive, and of course your daughter should be aware that if she picks up voicemail she'll be calling back to the UK network to do it, so she'll be billed the full foreign call rate.

The 18866 service mentioned by remind is good, but unfortunately it doesn't work from outside the UK, so your daughter's calls back to you will be at the normal international mobile rate.

  amonra 13:16 07 Mar 2006

Buy a SIMM card locally when you arrive and use the local provider.

  [DELETED] 13:58 07 Mar 2006

Buying a local SIM card is OK, IF your phone is unlocked and IF it is a TriBand model (for USA and Canada)

  [DELETED] 19:44 07 Mar 2006

Sounds like there is no way around the roaming charges except to buy a local SIM card. With fixed lines there is the Skype route to make free calls to another land line with interent access but looks like no such tricks with mobiles

  [DELETED] 22:42 07 Mar 2006

Use this easy calculator to see which UK SIM card is cheapest to use abroad click here

  [DELETED] 22:46 07 Mar 2006

some UK SIMs can be cheaper (roaming) than US or Canadian local cards!

  pavvi 20:14 08 Mar 2006

If it's the US then avoid orange as they have few working relationships with mobile companies in the USA and don't work at all on pay as you go. You are nearly always better off getting a foreign sim for the country involved.

  pavvi 20:19 08 Mar 2006

is for a product sold by carphone warehouse. It is a sim card designed especially for people going abroad. It all depends how long she is going for. You also need to bear in mind that if your daughter gets a foreign sim card then calls to her would be pretty expensive...

  [DELETED] 20:32 08 Mar 2006

The link was to the CALCULATOR which can show costs for all major UK service providers. Nowhere did I suggest purchasing the SIM card on that website.

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