increasing image quality with paintshop pro 8

  WtheM 09:30 27 Feb 2007

Hi, when i transfer photos from my phone to my pc, is it possible to increase their quality? I have paintshop pro 8, and have tried to do this with this prog but never succeed. I would like to enlarge them and make the image sharper.

  Rigga 10:54 27 Feb 2007

It's not possible to increase the actual quality of the picture from your phone.

You can change the colour balance and contrast, and even sharpen to some extent which can make the picture appear better, but you can got increase the quality.


  WtheM 11:17 27 Feb 2007

Thanks for that Rigga

  rick808 19:49 27 Feb 2007

It is possible to resize the image and increase the resolution (try 240dpi) and then adjust things as Rigga indicated. With careful use of filters (noise reduction etc) sharpening and levels, you can improve the images a great deal. I only use photoshop but i'm sure all these options are there on Paint Shop Pro.

  WtheM 19:55 27 Feb 2007

Thanks for that, i will give it a go

  anchor 13:18 28 Feb 2007

The phrase "Silk purse and sows ear" comes to mind, when trying to improve mobile phone images. With some exceptions, their resolution is very low.

However, as Rigga said, you can make improvements that will make it appear better, (providing you don`t want to increase the image size too much).

In my experience, increasing the resolution does not really make much of a difference. You cannot put in detail that`s not there.

If you want good quality for enlargements from your phone, consider changing your phone; examples here:

click here

  hssutton 14:05 01 Mar 2007

Genuine Fractuals will do what you want, but at a cost £135 or Sizefixer £100-£170 click here

  anchor 14:55 01 Mar 2007

hssutton: it would be no more expensive, (and probably give better results), to upgrade the phone.

On contract, it could even be cheaper.

  hssutton 16:30 01 Mar 2007

Couldn't agree more, but the question was asked :)

  rick808 11:56 03 Mar 2007

You are right that capturing the image with a better phone is the preferred option, but if you have taken an image on a lower res phone and it's a one-off shot you're not going to get again, sometimes it can be rescued with careful adjustment. I suggested increasing resolution because WtheM wanted to print his image bigger. By increasing the resolution and then using adjustments and filters you can lesson the adverse effects of interpolation, otherwise you are relying on your printer software to upscale the image which gives you no control whatsoever on the final output.

  David4637 19:55 05 Mar 2007

The basic answer to your qustion is NO, NO, NO. You can not get more out than whats there to start with. Get a digital camerea (say 7MP or greater, then you will get a resolution you can play with. David

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