increase net speed when using mobile as usb modem?

  theDarkness 15:35 20 Mar 2009

I am wondering how to get the fastest possible speeds when using my phone as my laptops usb modem? On my phone im on O2 at around 7.50 per month with their internet deal, and when its connected to my laptop, according to, Im getting 35kbps download and 12kbps upload. I think these values are the average rather than maximum, although not 100% on that:

click here

When downloading programs from any website or playing games the maximum possible speed is a very low 5kbps. Does anyone have any tips for increasing the speed of my connection, if possible? I have heard its possible to get much higher values on O2, as they take away possible limits on a contract deal? Obviously a 'proper' usb modem would be a far better idea, but since Im only on the phone at the moment for the net I wondered if it was indeed possible to increase my speed? thanks for any info.

if anyone else can connect to the internet using their mobile phone via usb I would be interested to know what values they also receive via, and who they are connected with on their phone!

  Chegs ®™ 02:16 23 Mar 2009

I use my mobile to connect to the internet when away from home.I connect my laptop to the phone via bluetooth and am also with O2 on the £7.50pm deal.The speeds your getting are very similar to the speeds I get though I find that signal strengths on the phone makes significant changes to my surfing speeds.Also,configuring the web browser to not display images,etc makes the wait slightly more bearable for pages to open(I have BB at home)I havent found any other ways to speed up the connection and tbh I dont think there is anything you can do.

  theDarkness 01:05 24 Mar 2009

thanks very much for the reply. Ive recently found that the fastest browser to use on the pc when its connected to the pc is definately the standard version of opera. It seems to load up sites even with images reasonably quickly on good days (or during the odd hours such as late at night when the majority of mobile net users are offline)! Lol. It will do until 3G internet via mobile phone is more widely available.

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