Inbuilt Freeview with a Freeview Recorder

  jenny1471 00:25 06 Aug 2010


I am not sure if this question has been asked before, but I have a TV with inbuilt Freeview.. however it does not record so I've been looking at getting a Freeview Recorder too..

But am wondering if it's possible to use the Freeview Recorder if Freeview is already inbuilt in to the television? I am not technically minded so am struggling to see if it would work although can't really see a reason why not.. i just don't want to waste money on something if it may not work.

Any advice much appreciated.
Thank you

  jenny1471 00:29 06 Aug 2010

Thinking about it I'm not sure it's called a 'Freeview Recorder'. I mean a Hard Drive.. i think. Basically where you can record series of programmes etc on to the hard drive direct from the tv/freeview channels.. :)

  hastelloy 05:55 06 Aug 2010

You could use a DVD recorder but I prefer a PVR. IMHO Humax are the best click here. This will record 2 programmes at the same time, you can watch something you recorded earlier whilst recording and you can timeslip - ie hold a live broadcast whilst you answer the phone, make a cup of tea etc.

  BT 08:22 06 Aug 2010

In reply to your basic question, there is absolutely no problem with this. I use a Sony PVR with Freeview and also have a TV with built in Freeview, and also a cable box.

  dms_05 09:41 06 Aug 2010

Buy a decent quality PVR. marvin42 recommends Humax and I use a Humax 9300 PVR. PVR's seem to suffer from a multitude of bugs in their software and Humax seems the least bug infected after releasing new software earlier this year. If you've never used a PVR you'll be surprised how easy they are and then ask how you managed without one before! With a PVR you can record 2 programmes at the same time and either watch another you recorded earlier or switch to your TV and watch a third programme live. Even I can live with all that choice and not a cassette in sight. Buy a PVR with a large hard disk (250 GB or over, mine is 320 GB).

  anchor 15:57 06 Aug 2010

I agree with what you have been told. I have used a Panasonic PVR, (with hard disc, and DVD recorder), for over 3 years. I have to say it has been faultless; (touching wood as I write this).

I can easily record any freeview station, and watch whatever I wish on the TV, either a previous recording, or a live transmission. You don`t need to have the TV on to make a recording.

I chose a Panasonic because, unlike the Humax, it can record from external sources, such as my Sky digibox. It can only record one programme at a time, but the ability to record from the digibox was more important to me.

The quality of the PVR recordings, (even on LP), is so much better than my old VHS recorder.

  john bunyan 19:11 06 Aug 2010

I agree with anchor. I also have a Panasonic Freeview DVD recorder that can record to Hard disc, or to DVD (useful if you want to keep a film), pr to watch a DVD. I think it gives more flexibility than a PVR as it doubles up as a DVD player.

  jenny1471 12:29 10 Aug 2010

Thank you very much to everyone for your feedback. I've ordered myself the PVR suggested above so am looking forward to recording etc. Thanks again, Jenny

  Batch 18:13 10 Aug 2010

A late comment - as Freeview works off your ordinary television aerial, as long as the aerial signal is strong enough you can feed quite a number of devices off the one aerial and connect them up in a variety of ways.

I have (all on one aerial feed) main TV (no Freeview), Sony Freeview box and Humax Freeview PVR in lounge, Freeview TV in kitchen, Freeview TV in diner (with a TVOnics Freeview box connected to that as well for good measure). In addition the aerial output of the Humax PVR is set-up to provide an old analogue style signal onto the aerial cable which can then be picked up by the analogue tuners of the TVs in the kitchen and diner so that can watch Freeview recordings off the Humax box on any of the TVs.

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