Impressed with iTunes but some questions...

  lisa02 18:40 10 Oct 2008

Movie rentals.

How do they expire? Does the iPod delete the movie?

Why are movies so expensive? (I guess you can't answer that)

I've selected payment by Maestro card and I've bought a couple of music videos and a couple of tracks over the last couple of days but they haven't taken the money from my account. How or when do they charge the card?

I never thought I'd buy into the iPod thing but I got it as a gift and I love it. :D

  alB 22:52 10 Oct 2008

About movie downloads ... click here I pay for my downloads by credit card through my Apple account normally I receive an e-mail to confirm what I have bought and pay for all at the next c/c statement, maybe you will get billed once a month on a particular date, try contacting apple support, they're usually on the ball ...alB

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