Importing VHS to PC

  keewaa 08:53 28 Apr 2006

I've a graphics card with 1 DVI, 1 VGA, 1 S-video connector and also a firewire port. Is this enough to be able to import video from a video recorder or an old VHS camcorder ?

If not, what else do I need ?

  Starfox 14:31 28 Apr 2006

Take a look at this first click here

  pj123 16:59 28 Apr 2006

Well I still use my Dazzle Fusion USB capture unit for VHS/Beta tapes. But only if I really need to do some serious editing. Can't give you a link because the unit I have doesn't appear to be available anymore. But this is what it was. It's possible that it could be found on eBay.
click here

It takes around 7 hours to transfer a 3 hour VHS/Beta tape to DVD (and that's without any editing time). I don't think Pinnacle description is relevant: "Import quickly and easily both videos and digital pictures from camcorders, VCRs and digital cameras
transfer photos and MP3 audio tracks and merge them with your videos to create stunning movies in minutes. Contains Pinnacle Studio Quickstart to make projects easy, fun and fast
Contains an easy to hook-up USB video capture device
A 6-in-1 Media Reader for digital images on most common Flash Memory types is included."

I have a standalone DVD recorder Liteon 5006 click here which records both Beta/VHS in real time but no editing facilities apart from sitting and watching and pressing the pause button to take out the adverts, not easy.

  pj123 17:05 28 Apr 2006

Actually there are two up for grabs on ebay at the moment.

I paid £79 for mine when it was available. Make up your own mind how much you would pay. I don't think I would go much above £40 including postage for this unit.

click here

  keewaa 22:10 02 May 2006

If I got the tapes transferred to DVD using a professional service, would I be able to load the digital version (DVDs) onto my computer and edit it, or would it need to be encoded or decoded into a certain format first ?

  pj123 15:30 03 May 2006

A good place to get your tapes transferred to DVD is: click here

The £10 is only for a straightforward like for like copy. Once you have it on DVD there are plenty of programs that you ought to be able to use to save it back to your hard drive and edit and resave to another DVD.

  keewaa 16:48 03 May 2006

So that's VHS.

What is the process for transferring from mini DV tapes to DVD. I presume the easiest way is to plug the camcorder into a DVD recorder, press play on the camcorder and record on the DVD recorder.

What is the process through a firewire port & computer?

  Charence 20:44 03 May 2006

When you plug in your Camcorder to your computer using firewire you should be able to go to a program such as Windows Movie Maker and choose to capture video from the device.

  Charence 20:44 03 May 2006

I think you'll need to put it into playback mode as well.

  Rupes66 22:02 11 Mar 2010

If you are after transferring mini-DV camcorder tapes (or VHS or other tapes for that matter) then a good way to go is using this service - click here

Its good quality and you even get a proper DVD menu, boxed and labelled disc etc

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